Holbox Junior Open 2023

Date: Jul 26, 2023

From July 10 to 13, the fourth edition of the Holbox Junior Open was played at the Herkenbosche Golf Club. The forest course near Roermond was in perfect tournament condition, which made the tournament a real challenge and a fantastic experience for 75 participants from 12 different countries.

At the Herkenbosche, at the Boys U18, Kieron Kaube from Germany came out on top after three rounds of golf. This puts him on the World Amateur Golf Ranking. Dutch talents Dene Vos, Gianni van der Veeke and Kayden Chang just missed out on the top prize. Sybrook talent Jip Kockmann won in the Boys U14 category and even placed 5th overall. Michel van Zijl won in the Boys U23. In the Girls category it was also Orange on top. Britt Op den Winkel (Girls U18), Sophie Korthuijs (Girls U23) and Frederique Evers (Girls U14) all won in their age category. Josephine Hellauer of Austria and Pia Eide of Norway took the other podium spots.

Next year, the Holbox Junior Open will once again be played at the Herkenbosche Golf Club. The dates have yet to be set, but this time of year is starting to become a tradition!

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